State Research & Development Sector

The state R&D sector consists of research institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) and state sector R&D organisations established by central state administration bodies. The SAS is a self‑governing scientific organisation of the Slovak Republic, which focuses on the development of science, education, culture and economy. The SAS conducts its research activity by means of research institutes established based on either full or partial public funding. State sector R&D organisations are established by the relevant central administrative bodies.



Physical, Space, Earth and Engineering Sciences

Earth and Space Sciences

Astronomical Institute, Tatranská Lomnica
Earth Science Institute, Bratislava
Institute of Geography, Bratislava
Institute of Hydrology, Bratislava

Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Centre for Advanced Material Application, Bratislava  
Institute of Experimental Physics, Košice
Institute of Physics, Bratislava
Mathematical Institute, Bratislava

Engineering Sciences

Institute of Construction and Architecture, Bratislava
Institute of Electrical Engineering, Bratislava
Institute of Geotechnics, Košice
Institute of Informatics, Bratislava
Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics, Bratislava
Institute of Materials Research, Košice
Institute of Measurement Science, Bratislava

Life, Chemical, Medical and Environmental Sciences

Medical Sciences

Biomedical Research Centre, Bratislava
Centre of Experimental Medicine, Bratislava
Institute of Neuroimmunology, Bratislava

Biological and Chemical Sciences

Centre of Biosciences, Bratislava
Institute of Chemistry, Bratislava
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Bratislava
Institute of Molecular Biology, Bratislava
Institute of Zoology, Bratislava
Polymer Institute, Bratislava

Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences

Institute of Forest Ecology, Zvolen
Institute of Landscape Ecology, Bratislava
Institute of Parasitology, Košice
Institute of Plant Genetics and Biotechnology, Nitra

Social Sciences, Humanities, Arts and Culture

Historical Sciences

Institute of Archaeology, Nitra
Institute of Ethnology, Bratislava
Institute of History, Bratislava

Humanities and Social Sciences

Centre of Social and Psychological Sciences, Bratislava
Institute for Research in Social Communication, Bratislava
Institute for Sociology, Bratislava
Institute of Economic Research, Bratislava
Institute of Philosophy, Bratislava
Institute of Political Sciences, Bratislava
Institute of State and Law, Bratislava

Arts and Culture

Art Research Centre, Bratislava  
Institute of Musicology, Bratislava
Institute of Oriental Studies, Bratislava
Institute of Slovak Literature, Bratislava, in Slovak only
Institute of World Literature, Bratislava
Ján Stanislav Institute of Slavistics, Bratislava
Ľudovít Štúr Institute of Linguistics, Bratislava



Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
of the Slovak Republic

National Agricultural and Food Centre, Lužianky
National Forest Centre, Zvolen
State Forests of the Tatra National Park, Tatranská Lomnica, in Slovak only
State Veterinary and Food Institute, Bratislava*, in Slovak only

Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic

Central Slovakia Museum, Banská Bystrica*
East Slovakia Museum, Košice*, in Slovak only
Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava*
Museum of the Slovak National Uprising, Banská Bystrica*, in Slovak only
Museum of the Spiš Teritory, Spišská Nová Ves*
Observatory and Planetarium of Prešov, Prešov*
Slovak Central Observatory, Hurbanovo*
Slovak Design Centre, Bratislava*
Slovak Film Institute, Bratislava*
Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava*
Slovak National Library, Martin*
Slovak National Museum, Bratislava
Slovak Technical Museum, Košice* www.stm‑
State Scientific Library, Banská Bystrica*, in Slovak only
State Scientific Library, Košice*
State Scientific Library, Prešov*
Theatre Institute, Bratislava*
University Library, Bratislava*
Vihorlat Observatory, Humenné*

Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic

Central Military Hospital, Ružomberok
Institute of Military History, Bratislava
Training Centre, Lešť*

Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic

Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency, Bratislava*

Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport
of the Slovak Republic

International Laser Centre, Bratislava
IUVENTA – Slovak Youth Institute, Bratislava*
Methodology and Pedagogy Centre, Bratislava* www.mpc‑
National Institute for Education, Bratislava
Observatory and Planetarium of Maximillián Hell, Žiar nad Hronom*
Research Agency, Bratislava
Research Institute for Children Psychology and Pathopsychology, Bratislava
Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information, Bratislava*
Slovak Library of Pedagogy, Bratislava
Slovak Research and Development Agency, Bratislava*
State Institute of Professional Education, Bratislava, in Slovak only

Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic

National Nature Protection of the Slovak Republic, Banská Bystrica*, in Slovak only
State Geological Institute of Dionýz Štúr, Bratislava
Slovak Environment Agency, Banská Bystrica*
Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, Bratislava*
Slovak Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology, Liptovský Mikuláš*
Slovak Water Management Enterprise, Banská Štiavnica
Water Research Institute, Bratislava
Water Management Construction, Bratislava*, in Slovak only

Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic

Mint Kremnica, Kremnica

Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic

Centre for Drug Addiction Treatment, Bratislava*, in Slovak only
East Slovak Cancer Institute, Košice*, in Slovak only
Children’s University Hospital, Banská Bystrica*
Children’s University Hospital, Bratislava*, in Slovak only
Children’s University Hospital, Košice*, in Slovak only
Faculty Hospital, Trenčn*, in Slovak only
Faculty Hospital, Žilina*, in Slovak only
Faculty Hospital of F. D. Roosevelt, Banská Bystrica*
Faculty Hospital of J. A. Reiman, Prešov, in Slovak only
National Cancer Institute, Bratislava*, in Slovak only
National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Bratislava*
National Institute of Rheumatic Diseases, Piešťany*, in Slovak only
National Transplant Organisation, Bratislava*
Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava*
Regional Authority of Public Health, Banská Bystrica*
University Hospital, Bratislava*, in Slovak only
University Hospital, Martin*, in Slovak only
University Hospital of L. Pasteur, Košice*, in Slovak only

Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic

Hospital of St. Michael, Bratislava*, in Slovak only
Institute of Criminalistics and Forensic Expertise of the Police Force, Bratislava*, in Slovak only
Slovak National Archive, Bratislava*‑narodny‑archiv‑1, in Slovak only
Institute of Fire Technology and Expertise, Bratislava*, in Slovak only
Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic
Judicial Academy of the Slovak Republic, Pezinok* www.ja‑
Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic
Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, Bratislava*
Institute for Labour and Family Research, Bratislava
Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic
Research and Development Institute of Railways, Žilina, in Slovak only

*primary activity other than R&D



Matica slovenská, Martin (Slovak Foundation), basic research, ethnography, literature, linguistics, Slovak history, in Slovak only
Nation’s Memory Institute, Bratislava, collects and process all kinds of information related to the period of oppression in the years 1939 – 1989
Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava*

Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Authority of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava

in Slovak only
Research Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, Bratislava

Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing, Bratislava

Slovak Institute of Metrology, Bratislava, in Slovak only
Technical Testing Institute, Piešťany

Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic

INFOSTAT – Institute of Informatics and Statistics, Bratislava

*primary activity other than R&D