A small, landlocked country in central Europe, Slovakia boasts some incredible forested landscapes, idyllic natural lakes and towering mountains. The country is encircled by Poland to the north, Hungary to the south, Ukraine to the east, Austria to the south-west and the Czech Republic to the north-west. Heavily forested mountains cover much of the northern regions (Carpathian Mountains) and central regions (Ore Mountains) and slope downwards to the lowlands of the Danube river in the west and the Hornad river in the east. There are multiple pristine lakes, particularly in the Tatra Mountains in the north (which also hold the highest point Gerlach Peak at 2,665m). Mountains, lowlands, valleys, lakes, cave formations, forests, and meadows provide many examples of Slovakia’s year‑round natural beauty. The Carpathian Arc, a range of mountains stretching across the North, takes up almost half of the country. The South and East of the country lie in the lowlands, an important agricultural area of Slovakia.

Slovakia Geography:

Geographic location
Total Area
18,932 Square Miles
49,035 Square Kilometers
Water Area
359 Square Miles
930 Square Kilometers
Border countries

Austria 91 km, Czech Republic 215 km, Hungary 677 km, Poland 444 km, Ukraine 97 km

The highest point Gerlach Peak (“Gerlachovský štít”) in the High Tatras (“Vysoké Tatry”) 2,655 m above sea level
The lowest point Bodrog River 94 m above sea level
Maximum length 428 km (Záhorská Ves [W] – Nová Sedlica [E])
Maximum breadth 195 km (Štúrovo [S] – Skalité [N])
The longest river Váh River (378 km)
Time GMT +1 (GMT +2 from last Sunday in March to last Saturday in October). In winter, the Sun rises approximately at 7:30 and sets around 16:00. In summer, sunrise is before 5:00 and sunset is around 21:00.



Slovakia has a continental climate with four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter). Summers are usually quite hot; while winters are cold, cloudy and humid. The average winter daily temperature is −2 °C but can plummet to −15 °C. The average daily temperature in summer is 21 °C but can be as warm as over 30 °C. The coldest month is January and the hottest one is July. The period from May to July is often considered the best season. Weather in southern regions is generally more pleasant than in the north and in mountainous regions where it tends to be much colder.

During winter, the sun rises approximately at 7:30 am and sets around 4 pm. During summer, the sunrise is before 5 am and the sunset is around 9 pm.

The weather statistics:

Month Average Temperatures in Bratislava Average Precipitation in Slovakia Average Rainy Days in Bratislava
January -4 °C 27 mm 13
February 3 °C 36 mm 11
March 9 °C 36 mm 11
April 10 °C 87 mm 12
May 17 °C 63 mm 12
June 22 °C 65 mm 11
July 22 °C 92 mm 12
August 23 °C 66 mm 10
September 15 °C 126 mm 10
October 12 °C 84 mm 12
November 6 °C 76 mm 13
December 3 °C 69 mm 15