Local transport

The public transport system in towns is quite reliable. A network of public transport – usually buses and trolleybuses (also a network of trams in Bratislava and Košice) cover most of the towns. Operating hours are usually from 5:00 to 23:00. After 23:00 there are a few night-bus lines. Every town is responsible for running its own public transport (“mestská hromadná doprava”, abbr. MHD).

Common Features

Public transport is the most widely used means of transport in towns. Schedules can be found at every bus/tram stop and in public transport stands.
Tickets are usually not sold on buses. They can be bought at newsstands, ticket machines, some bus stations or public transport kiosks. In principle cities, electronic SMS tickets are also available. The SMS ticket can be bought only from a telephone number assigned by a Slovak mobile operator.
Tickets vary from town to town. There are time tickets (you can change means of transport within a given period of time) or single-use tickets (every time you change means of transport, you shall use a new ticket). The fare depends also on tariff zones given by the town area. There are usually also tickets valid for several days upon validation after entering the vehicle. You shall also have a ticket for large pieces of luggage and animals.
If you are staying longer in a certain town and you know that you will be using public transport more often than once a day, it is recommended to buy a travel pass, for example, 30-, 90-, 365-day pass. To get a pass you need an up to date photograph (3 × 3.5 cm), your ID card and a completed application form. It is always helpful to consult with local people. Children, students and pensioners travel for reduced fares (ask for details, as conditions may vary from town to town).