Travel by plane

There are 3 international airports in Slovakia – in Bratislava - “Letisko M. R. Štefánika”, in Košice  “Letisko Košice”, 
and in Poprad “Letisko Poprad – Tatry”.
Several airlines provide connections within Slovakia as well as with foreign countries, such as Austrian Airlines, Ryanair or Wizzair.
There are also very close international airports in neighbouring countries that can be taken into consideration when arriving in Slovakia, e.g. Vienna Airport/Austria (only 50 km from Bratislava) or Budapest Airport/Hungary (250 km from Košice).

Transportation between International Airports and Principal Slovak Towns

Bratislava International Airport

M. R. Štefánik International Airport is located 15 km from the Bratislava Old Town. A taxi into the town costs about 10  € – 15  €, depending on where in the centre you want to go. By bus, take the line No. 61 to “Hlavná železničná stanica” (Main Railway Station).

Košice International Airport

Košice International Airport is located 8 km from the Košice Old Town. The official airport taxi into the town costs from 10  €, depending on where in the centre you want to go. There is also a public bus line (No. 23) between the airport and the city, connecting the airport with the main railway station and bus station (“Staničné námestie”).

Vienna International Airport (Austria)

Thanks to the short distance between Vienna and Bratislava (60 kilometres) it is also possible to use the Schwechat International Airport in Vienna, and then take a bus or a taxi to Bratislava. Just in front of the arrival gate at Vienna airport, you will find the platform for the departure of buses leaving to Bratislava, where you can change to bus/train to other Slovak principal towns, e.g. Košice, Banská Bystrica, Trnava, Žilina, Trenčín, Piešťany, etc. Most of the buses terminate at the Main Bus Station in Bratislava (“Hlavná autobusová stanica”) called “Mlynské Nivy”.
A Standard one‑way ticket from the Vienna Airport to Bratislava bus station costs 9 - 11 €. The schedules and online ticket booking are available at the websites of the bus companies Slovak Lines and RegioJet.