Mobility of researchers


Researchers who are holders of a residence permit for the purpose of research in one of the member states (exept for the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark) are allowed to carry out a research mobility (short-term stay) in Slovakia for a max of one year WITHOUT the need to apply for a temporary residence in Slovakia, if:


  • mobility is carried out during the period of validity of the temporary residence in other EU Member State
  • their host research organisation in Slovakia notifies the Ministry of Interior of the intention to host such a researcher and submits:
      • document proving that the researcher carries out a part of his/her research activity in Slovakia,
      • Hosting Agreement from a member state that granted him/her a residence permit,
      • copy of a residence card issued by a member state, (a uniform format for all EU Member States, the purpose of residence is stated in the „Note“ of the residence card),
      • copy of a passport,
      • information about the start and finish dates of mobility, and
      • proof of financial coverage of stay in the amount of subsistence minimum for every month of stay or a confirmation of the research organisation stating that the researcher will be provided with sufficient resources to cover the costs of living and travel costs for the return to the member state.




The receiving higher education institution/research organisation in Slovakia is obliged to notify the Ministry of Interior (Bureau of Border and Foreign Police of the Presidium of the Police Force) of the intention to host a researcher/s who are residents of another member state during their mobility in advance. If the Ministry of Interior does not raise any objection, the mobility of the third-country researcher with residence permit in another member state may take place at any moment within the period of validity of the authorisation.

The receiving higher education institution/research organization’s notification shall be sent in advance. Based on the notification the Ministry of Interior may object to the mobility of the researcher/s to its territory within 30 days from having received the complete notification.

The research organisation is obliged to report the Foreign Police in writing any change influencing the mobility in Slovakia, within three working days of learning about them.



If a researcher plans to carry out a research mobility in Slovakia in accordance with the above mentioned points, and if he/she has been granted a temporary residence in another EU Member States for a purpose other than research and development, it is NOT possible to apply the simplified procedure of the Intra-European mobility. In this case researcher has to apply for a temporary residence at the Slovak embassy/Consulate in a EU Member State where he/she has been granted the current temporary residence.