Foreigners may be asked to enclose an official invitation validated by a police authority to their visa application. It is necessary to verify this obligation with the embassy/consulate of the Slovak Republic in your home country. The invitation can be replaced by the Hosting Agreement in the case of a research stay.

Note: Invitation in the Schengen visa granting procedure ≠ invitation letter (acceptance letter), in which a hosting institution agrees with the realisation of a scholarship or research stay, nor an invitation to an educational/research event.


The request to verify an invitation can be submitted by an inviting person:

  • Slovak citizen with the permanent residence in Slovakia or a foreigner with a permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia,

  • an organisation/company with the seat in Slovakia.


A request must be submitted using an official form, at a Foreign department corresponding to the inviting person's place of residence or to the seat of the inviting organisation. The inviting person has to submit: 

  • completed form “Application for verification of an invitation”,
  • valid ID,
  • document declaring the purpose of the invitation – e.g. being a relative of the invited person; business licence of the inviting person; business or other labour relationships; organisation of a cultural, sportive or scientific event (invitation from an organisation or an organiser, programme of the event), study or other form of education, provision of health care etc.,
  • document proving the ability of the inviting person to cover all expenses related to the stay and travel of the invited person. A bank account balance statement of the inviting person, issued by a bank, shall prove the financial capacity. The account balance must be at least 12- times the subsistence minimum (until 30.6.2020 the subsistence minimum is 210,20 EUR/month) and 56 € for each day of the invited person’s stay. If the inviting person invites more people, he/she shall demonstrate the ability to cover 12-times the subsistence minimum only once (only on behalf of himself/herself), and the amount of 56 € for each invited person.
  • document proving the provision of accommodation for the invitee.


Documents submitted with the application cannot be older than 90 days (except for a document proving a family relationship). The police officer in charge will carry out an interview with the inviting person concerning the relation with the invited person, the purpose of his/her stay etc.


Fee for the request to verify an invitation: 33 EUR

The Foreign Police department issues a confirmation upon submission of the request and verifies the invitation within 15 days. The verified invitation is valid for 90 days.