1) Slovakia is a stable country with growing potential in the heart of Europe

With Western innovative ideas in mind, but evergreen traditional values at heart, our country has been a part of European Union from 2004. Since then, Slovakia has been integrated into European support networks, started to use euro currency and established itself as an esteemed partner for countries all over the world. By coming to Slovakia, the doors to all of Europe are open to you!
Find out more about entry conditions and visas to Slovakia.

If you are interested in specific administrative duties related to entry and stay in Slovakia, there is a QUIZ to guide you in the right direction.


2) Public healthcare system available to all

We can all name countries where you would pay an arm and a leg just for basic medical care. Not in Slovakia. Having health insurance is obligatory, but once you have it, quality public medical care is always available to you. There are specific conditions applying to PhD students and researchers, depending on which country you come from, but generally, if you are employed, your employer pays the public health insurance for you.

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3) Want to move in with your family?

Slovakia provides a free public education system

If you intend to move to Slovakia to pursue your research and take your spouse and your children along, don´t worry, Slovakia has got you covered! From kindergarten to university, attending public education institutions is free of charge.

All you need to know about the education system in Slovakia is summed up in our article.


4) Brilliant Slovak research teams are members of prestigious international research networks

Slovak universities and institutions host excellent research teams dedicated to the discovery and diligent endeavour for knowledge – and the world knows it! Our research institutions hold memberships in prestigious international research organizations and networks like CERN, JINR, ESA, ICGEB, CESSDA EUREKA, COST, and many more. Our teams apply for national and European funding grants and are viable partners of international project consortia. To browse for a research team that would be the right fit for you, check out our sample list of research teams in Slovakia.

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5) Researcher support structures in Slovakia have your back at all times

Are you nervous and scared of all the administrative duties awaiting you in case you decide to move to another country? In Slovakia, we don´t leave you hanging! European and national support structures, EURAXESS and SAIA (Slovak Academic Information Agency), are here to guide you throughout the whole process. There are 5 regional offices of EURAXESS Slovakia at SAIA in 5 cities and our consultants are just a call or email away. Can it get even better? Yes - being nonprofit, these services are free of charge!
Also, when coming to one of the 45 institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, EURAXESS colleagues there can also guide you through the welcoming process.

Here you can easily find contacts for consultation.


6) Slovakia, the little big country, is a MAGICAL place!

From Danube fertile lowlands lined by ancestral vineyards to the great High Tatras mountains standing guard on our northern border, our country is full of unspoiled natural wonders, interesting history and bustling towns. Slovakia is a hidden European gem, just ready to be discovered by you.

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7) Grant and scholarship schemes available for international researchers

Slovakia is a dynamic and competitive country that wants to attract international researchers to work in Slovak institutions and companies! That is why there are several funding opportunities offered by the Slovak government and institutions.

Go check them out on the EURAXESS webpage or search in the SAIA database.


8) Slovak R&D Sector shows great potential for individual success stories

While our R&D sector is mature and manned by excellent scientists, it is still not overly saturated. Slovakia has been a part of the Western European market only for 30 years, so if you are looking for an environment where you can write your own success story, surrounded by potential and experience, we are the right choice.

Find out more about the Slovak R&D sector in pictures and infographics.


9) Are you a PhD student? You have a special status in Slovakia

PhD students are considered to be students, not employees; hence a university is not in the position of their employer. You receive a scholarship provided from the state budget. Plus, PhD scholarships provided by the state are exempt from the income tax!

Learn about further specific information pertaining to PhD students in Slovakia.


10) Location, location, location!

Slovakia´s position in the centre of Europe provides you with outstanding opportunities to travel – in all directions! Our capital city Bratislava is only an hour away from Vienna and a two-hour bus ride from Budapest. Up to 6 international airports in Slovakia and its vicinity offer frequent and cheap flights to every European metropolis and a web of high-speed roads connects Slovakia to all surrounding countries. Not to mention trains – as a student or a researcher you have a right to significant discounts on railroad transport.

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